I like flavoring, because popcorn flavored popcorn just sucks. I only put salt & vinegar flavoring. I rock.

Fark! I again forgot to make it a poll…

Do you like flavoring on popcorn?

  1. Yes, I only eat popcorn with it.

  2. Yes, sometimes.

  3. No, never.

  4. I have not heard of such a thing…


If butter and salt count, then yes. No.1 43/3R

I mean, other than that. People sell these canisters, usually small, of ketchup, onion, or whatever powder. You sprinkle some or a lot on popcorn, and it magically TRANSFORMS INTO GOOD POPCORN.

That sounds disgusting. Seriously. Except maybe curry powder. Mmmm…gotta go get some curry powder!

i eat my popcorn with a tall glass of mercury

Really? Mercury? I usually prefer molten lead, myself.

Hpmh, a real man/woman/person would have liquid oxygen.

Wow hold on there. Oxymoron.

I’ve seen those at theartres… I tried some… it was more disgusting then normal popcorn.

If you like to fucking season your popcorn, microwave some poptatochips! :stuck_out_tongue:

Or better yet, eat delicious chocolate… mmm… chocolate…


I eat mine with utter despair.

Cless, you are weak.