Poorly thought-through PS3 display


I am aware that this bone headed move wasn’t Sony’s fault this time, but seriously I’m going to start calling it the PS360 if this keeps up.:fungah:

How long 'till a retailer gives a customer a 360 instead of a PS3?

I’m not entirely sure Why they had a 360 hooked up there anyway. Were they Using it to show some sort of preview of a game that was both 360 and ps3 made? Or could they think of nothing better to slip the stand over?

Really this is just saying a 360 functions as well as any normal box. No slander to the PS3, rather Xbox should be all “WTF USING OUR X-BOX AS A BOX?!”


My impression from the article is that they were using the 360 to play a DVD containing a PS3 promotional video.

Employee 1: “Hey, we just got this new kickass demo video in for the PS3!”

Employee 2: “Great! Pop it in!”

Employee 1: looks around “Uh… where’s the DVD player?”

Employee 2: “It’s over there running the Wii demo.”

Employee 1: “Hmm… let’s just put it in the old 360 demo unit and put the PS3 display in front of it. Nobody will ever notice!”

Employee 2: “Great idea!”


ok, lol

What’s the big deal? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I must admit, it would be wierd to see. And X-Box being used as just a box, but I don’t mind.

After all no harm, no foul, right?