Poor Zero

I finished Megaman X3 a few hours ago, and I got shocked when it said the human vs. reploids conflict would endafter X would destroy Zero.

So, can someone tell me why is that?

Because the story of the X serie was supposed to end after a major duel in X5 to branch in the Zero serie, but that got fubared when they hired a different producers and made X6.

Yeah Capcom sucks at continuity,so you might as well disrecard that.

Never believe what Capcom says in plots, because they suck at them.

MM. Plot Holes.

Try’s this BnG:

Big Nutter
BnG has less Plotholes than the games it parodies.

X6 was just too hard to finish.

Needless to say I didn’t see it’s ending.

You’re kidding, right? X6 was easy! Hell, X2 and 3 were more trouble than that game!

True dat. As is becoming apparently the norm in PSX Megaman games, Sigma was the only challenge. And even that was easy if you knew his weakness.

in X6, he was weak against his own sucktude. Shadow Armor, Ultimate Saber, Crescent Moon Slash and Full Moon Divide (as I prefer to call the charged shot and the gigacrush with fancy names), dies in about 4 to 6 attacks. X6’s suckitude came from the poor balancing: You can’t do certain areas with the Shadow Armor without the dash and jump boost.

Yeah, not being able to use shadow armor in some areas really sucked cause that was my favorite armor. :too bad: When I got to sigma in x6 and beat him easy I was wondering, “Wtf were they thinking when they made sigma” I mean comon Gate and High Max are even harder then him.

It’s true Sigma dies so easily in X6 with shadow armor that i thought it was a joke,heck i didn’t even bother to dodge any hits from him and i defeated him without any energy tanks,Gades and High Max are way stronger.

what was sigmas weakness i x4.

keep getting killed by that big head thing. :moogle:

With X: Fire against Reaver Sigma, Lightning against regular Sigma, Soul Body against the Alienish Sigma with the big gun and Ground Hunter against the cyborg head, the three colored heads can’t be killed for good.

With Zero: Rising flame against reaver, and regular saber for the rest.

I could only TOUCH X6 if I abused savestates in the emulator. Capcom’s philosophy with that game seemed to be “let’s fill up the screen with bad stuff and say ‘Chew on THIS!’” Oh, and the fact that Zero exists in X7 not only invalidates his ending in X6, but also the basic premise behind the MegaMan Zero series.

Yeah. Im hoping that with MMX: Command mission, capcom will use the chance offered by the large amount of dialogue in RPGs (or SRPGs, for that matter) to explain all the crap thats been going on. Honestly, the whole story reeks of brilliance marred with the worst possible presentation makable (sp?) by mankind.

Also, it’s too angsty. Whatever else you can say about them, at least the original series, MML, and MMBN had the decency to at least attempt humor. :stuck_out_tongue:


Go read it. it’s a NON-SPRITE-BASED comic based on the MM and MMX games. It’s gotten really good, and the current storyline is geat. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Almost forgot.

Wuss. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, every X game I’ve played so far has been easy as shit. I haven’t played with X7 yet though… I hear it ditches the platformer genre. Question about X4: Which X-Buster upgrade did you use? I used the 4 shot-charge one.

I used the Mega-Charge myself. I always liked it more than the smaller ones.

And X7 only uses 3D sections in parts. In many places it’s the same old on-rails gaming we’ve grown to know and love/hate/