Poor Lute

In Saga Frontier every main character except Lute has something unique about them
T260G: change body
Blue: All magics
Red: Alkaiser
Emelia: change outfit
Asellus:mystic change
Riki: rings

Its not fair :too bad:

Wouldn’t that be something that makes him unique? :stuck_out_tongue: Lute is the only party member whose quest goal is to virtually just go around doing cool stuff. His quest is also the only quest where you can remove the main character from the party…for whatever reason, I’m not really sure. But it’s true! You can fight the final boss without Lute. It’s funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lute has the ability to NOT fight ever! I mean you can have a situation where Lute decides to go one on one in the final battle. Or Lute decides “Hey Hamilton you fight him by yourself” Or Lute can decide that getting some help would be a good idea. I mean Lute is a main character where you can have the image of him sitting in the corner with Hamilton talking to each other. While Slime, Suzaku, Cotton, Kylin and Mesatharim are facing the final boss.

Hamilton: Lute come on you should fight him.

Lute: I don’t care let them do that. Wow I didn’t know Crystal Trees could fly.

Slime: (Lazy ***** bum!)

Heck the fact that you can remove Lute from the main party as pointed out in this thread means you don’t have to worry about the whole LP thing. You can even buy every LP item in Facinituru without care. Now that’s cool. Heck in my current Lute game, I have 5 undead monsters aka Dullahans fighting together. Well almost I still need to make the last one a Dullahan.

good point i didnt know that

The first guy I chose when I bought SaGa Frontier 1 was Lute, simply because I liked his laid back attitude and, after listening to the OST, his final boss music the most.
15 minutes in, I’m fighting the final boss. wtf.
Strangly enough, I enjoyed his scenario the most. Well, tied with Red since being a superhero is cool.

I couldn’t play Blue’s scenario. I hate bishounen.

Blue’s a Bishounen?

Bishonen are not that bad. I never understood the need or desire to hate them.

Lute is pretty powerful on his scenario. However, on the others, he is so weak. It takes him forever to learn techs/

On Riki’s I tought him magic and he wasn’t that bad

Personally I prefer train Lute as a Gun using mage that way it does not matter if he goes last.

I always train Lute as my Second or Third Swordsman. He, Gen, and occasionally the main character I train with swords, put Meiling in as possible to be completely magic-dependant, and either a monster or EngineerCar, depending on my mood.

I usually use 3 sword people usually main Emelia, Gen and sometimes Lute . A fighter usually Liza or Emelia and a magic user Usually Rouge. I always use Emelia.
The only time it was differant was in T260’s quest in which I used Leonard and the mech from the weapon shop in Koorong backstreets and Emelia as a fighter and Gen as a swordsman, and in Riki’s in which I had to change on of the sword fighters to Riki.

Meiling did well with martial arts for me

I have specific parties that I like to use for Each scenario, and I’m not sure how I picked them… :stuck_out_tongue: On average, I have 3 Sword users, a Fists user, and one Magic user. And, because I think Emilia is simply the best character in the game, I use her in every scenario :stuck_out_tongue: The only exception to these are in T260’s scenario, where I make a 5 Mec party. That scenario is such a breeze with 5 Mecs. I think my record time for beatin the scenario is just under 3 hours :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you think you could beat Riki’s quest if you kept him in his original form.

Well honestly if the other members were powerful enough than it’s possible. Just have him in the back row defending a lot maybe.

And the thief ring would probably be a big help

Yeah the thief ring would help. Riki would still be damage, but no direct attacks would be used against him. Ie like being hit by reverse gravity, but no one would target you with say “swallow swing”.

for the Final Boss you might also want to use the Kylin trick

The one that cancels “Revolution 9” well I kind of like to use Dark Sphere to do that. Same effect and it can combo for damage!