Poll: Are you on summer break yet?

It’s another 5 months away for me. Goodie.

Summer break started yesterday for me. ^^ :yipee:

You could’ve created a poll.

And, no.

5 more days. Then I skip school for a week since they stop taking attendance. And then exams. So technically, only 5 more days.

Can I like, smell your hair and touch it and stuff?

I’m sorry, your avatar is just unbelieveably cute.

3 motherfucking weeks!!! Last final is june 18th. Fuck yeah.

After Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week, I’m free until September 16. Sweet bliss.

Well, I finished finals just under a month ago, but I’m working and have to take summer courses, so my summer break is kind of over already, although I still have some free time.

Been out for a week. And I passed all my classes. Woot.

What is this summer break? I just graduated two weeks ago!

And I have no idea when I will be.

Me, Ramza and Kaldori will be out after this week and i cant wait for it to be over :yipee:

I have been on summer holidays since 21 April.

Sinny gets out on my birthday. Joyus day!

Well, I’ve been on summer break ever since I graduated last year. So yes. Yes I am.

I wil wait until 2 July…