Pokemon recoulours/fusions

On request, for free. And I’m talking the Sugimori art here, people. The good stuff. Not the little pixelly things you see in your party lineup.
Time can varry from 5 minutes to an hour, depending on complexity of the sprite.
If you want freaking anything done with recoulouring Ramparados you’re shit out of luck.

Could you do a Tyranitar/Gengar fusion? I’ve always wondered what their love child would look like…

You’re gonna have to be a bit more specific. Mainly, answer these questions:
Wich of the two would you like as the base?
Wich of the two’s colour scheme would you like this custom sprite to have? ( in this case Gengar’s purple-ish or Tyranitar’s… green… red… ish-ish.)

I’m sorry, I should’ve put that in the first post.

Tyranitar as the base and Gengar’s color scheme, please.

  • snaps fingers*
    Can do! I was hoping for that, maaan, you don’ even know.

Okay it’s ALMOST finished, just a few last touches here and there, but me being a dork I made it at school… And forgot to send it to my house. D’oh!




… <