Pokémon G/S Walkthrough Help

OK, I would Like Some help. My Gold/Silver walk though is taking ages, weak Engish Skills. Can Someone help me by doing the Kanto (2nd) half of the walkthough? (From catching the Ferry to Beating “Ash”)

Big Nutter
Of Cause, credit will be given were credit is due.

You really should just do it yourself. And if your english skills are so lacking that you’re incapable of shrining the game then you wouldn’t have gotten it in the first place. Just take it slow and work on it at your own pace.

Your English isn’t all that bad when you try, BigNutter. That shrine checkup email you sent me back in May was very easy to read and comprehend. Just take it slow and write like that, and I’ll look it over when you’re done.

If you’re having trouble actually writing the walkthrough section (as in, which order to do things and whatnot), I’ll write you a quick bare bones guide for that section, and you can improve it from there.

My Probelm I really not English itself… It my Lack of abillatity to convert my thoughts in to conrent sentaces. It’s Disheatening that I’m taking hours to do a few lines.

I’ve Just Uploaded several of my files that have HTML errors but are my finised pages, and sofar of My walkthough. http://tartarus.rpgclassics.com/~pokegs/

If you’re that worried you should just get someone who has good grammar and so on to proof read all of your work. Thats what I did for the WA3 shrine as my grammar and so on is pretty much shit.

I read in your shrine that you are unable to catch Mew… but in Red/Blue/Green, and Yellow, I’ve been able to catch them wild - without cheats etc.

PM me if you want.


Mew is uncatchable by standard means. So it’s either a glitch or you’re cheating.

I suppose you’d call it a bit of a glitch… it’s just a really weird sequence of events which lead to it…


I will need to correct the Grammer On the Dex, and the Catching Guide isn’t/shouldn’t be online, It needs good rewrite. Plus I’ve not Caught The Dog’s or Ho-Ho or Luiga before Can some one give some pointers. (I’ve attempted Thunder Dog in Cube’s Colleseam and failed several times, (Either by my Pokémon fainting or it fainting))

I should add in my Catching Guide that Red and Blue has a Loop-hole which allows you to catch Mew… See RBY Shrine (Link)… I know how… I’ll using my Blue (1st time at Mt. Moon Pokécenter) to do test it. But since my G/S Walk and G/S prove testing is needed before that. I already Have Mew and Celbi on My N64, awaiting for my Gold to gaining 150 catches/evolves.

Talk to me about the Walkthough, please. I would like some feedback. I know from 2nd Gym onwards has little formatting and I will about to write about the Burned Tower onwards properly.