I think I’m invisible
All others are visible.
I put up my hand
What <a href=“http://www.ntsearch.com/search.php?q=boats&v=56”>boats</a> go on land?
I sit and wait
For Mrs. Tate.
She doesn’t see me
All others she sees.
I need her help
I give a yelp.
She doesn’t hear.
I say oh dear.
She doesn’t hear a sound
I look around.
There is no noise
Unusual for the boys.
I keep it up.
Is it a dunup?
She doesn’t see.
She passes me.
Like I’m not there
I think I’m air.
Just thin air.
And I’m not there.

Whoops didn’t see the stickied thread.

That’s pretty good. :cool:

Thank you. :biggrin:

Damn, neither did I. ::doh::

Pretty good, but one spelling mistake which stood out was “visisible.” Should be visible. And “o dear” is “oh dear.” Apart from that, good poem.

I thought it looked wrong.