PNG format okay?

I’ve been making graphics for the shrine and putting them in PNG format.

I just realized that you say you prefer JPG or GIF. Is that a huge problem? I assume the preference is based on file size, and PNG format is comparable to JPG. It’s not like I’m using BMP or TIFF!

PNGs are fine, the preference is based on filesize as you assumed, we just don’t want people trying to upload massive bitmap files. When that was written png files weren’t really all that widespread, so it wasn’t included. Just go with whatever you can get the smallest filesizes while maintaining a good image quality. I don’t know what game you’re doing, if you’re working on an older game like SNES and earlier you should be using an image format that isn’t lossy anyway.

Good, I’ve been saving my screens in PNG because it’s lossless (and because it’s the non-BMP format ZSNES saves in), and converting to JPG for the “shrine” copy.

Although I have noticed Firefox having trouble with PNGs lately… I think Quicktime registers them somehow and I’m not sure how to put it back to normal. >_<

Tools -> Options -> Downloads -> View & Edit Actions

The problem is, that lets me pick an external application. It doesn’t let me say “just open them with Firefox”.