Please pass the Bacteriophages, grandma...

It sounds neat, but I don’t think people would go for it. Then again, if it’s not on the label…

Mmm, viruses? It sounds neat, but my first reaction is sceptisism, then again, so was the first reaction against vaccination.

Its a great idea imo. The problem is that its going to be a hard sell to the “organic” retards. I can already hear the stupidity of the responses this’ll generate.

…but…but…how can you get more organic than that?? It’s the fucking ecosystem at work!

No artificial chemicals, just all natural viruses!

Its all organic! Just like genetically modified crops :D.

The only problem that comes to mind with phages is you want to avoid types that can infect E.coli in your colon. That could have bad side effects.

But don’t you realize, Sin? Genetically modified crops can be bad for us and alter OUR DNA! It’s Lamarck come to life!

Silence. Its part of my plan.