Please help me!

I downloaded dragon ball z 3 on this website
but the file didn’t work. I used Fceu emulator as instructed, but it gave me an error message. Can someone please help me!!!

I don’t know if this applies to FCEU patches, but for SNES patches you must rename the patch to match exactly the name of the game ROM file (extension excepted).

I still can’t play the rom even if I used Nestopia emulator.
Is there anyone who actually downloaded the game and played?

That’s not a game. It’s a patch file for the game. You’ll need to download the game elsewhere.

So, if i download the game else where, I can use the patch to translate it right?
But how do you patch? I know alot of place where I can find this game.

I think FCEU auto-patches if the patch has the same name as the rom (sans extension, as cless said). If not, you can manually patch the rom using a program like Lunar IPS, which is a pretty straightforward process. Unzip both the rom and the patch, open Lunar IPS and click “Apply Patch”.

Make sure to read the instructions in case you have to clear the header or anything. I had trouble with getting Ys to run because I didn’t bother to read the instructions :frowning: