Playstation Plus

Here is the page. I hate official websites.

It sounds neat and all, but I get the feeling that they are just going to bring down the quality of the normal PSN. They did say full game trials, now that is interesting. Also, I could be wrong, I think it is cheaper than XBL.

I think they’re marketing the value of Plus a lot better than Live. I’m looking forward to seeing how the 2 compete. Sony’s strategy makes me think of those publisher clearing house deals. It works, from what I’ve observed in the past.

I probably would’ve paid for Live Gold had Canada not been such a shit hole and banned Netflix. Outside the US, if you don’t play online, Live Gold has little to offer.

I like how Playstation Plus is adding extra goodies for joining and not taking away anything (so far). I dislike how you need Xbox Gold to play games online.