PlayStation lot for Sale

I’m about to move out in my own within the next three weeks… and since I’m currently low on cash, sacrifices must be made so I can sustain myself, if even only for several weeks till I really gets things rolling(i.e. a full-time job).

Note: I don’t sell the items seperately, it’s all or nothing. No exceptions.

What you are getting with this lot:

Pre-modded PlayStation, plays imports from any region(Note: You need a TV that takes PAL signals to play european games) perfectly.

The following games are included:

Final Fantasy Tactics(NTSC U/C)
Final Fantasy Origins(NTSC U/C)
Cyber Org(NTSC J)
iS: Internal Section(NTSC J)
Front Mission 2(NTSC J)
Front Mission Alternative(NTSC J)
Baroque(NTSC J)
Soukaigi(NTSC J)
Racing Lagoon(NTSC J)

Everything is in excellent working condition and everything is complete, booklets and all(save the PSX, which comes with one Dual Shock controller and necessary cables).

I’ll entertain offers but I’m looking for an amount of at least 200$ CAD or more.

Anyone interested can either reply here, or send an email or PM.

Thanks for taking the time to reading this and I thank whomever decides to buy this as I really need the cash.

EDIT: Lot SOLD to a friend of mine in town.

Thanks anyways, all…

EDIT 2: Mods, you can close this thread if you wish.