Playing VGM on instruments

I know this is sort of a continuation of the “Pianist plays Mario” thread, but I was wondering if anyone can play VG music on any instruments. So far I’ve learned how to play the Zelda 1 theme on keyboard and the Command and Conquer: Red Alert song “Hell’s March” on Guitar.

I can play Radical Dreamers from Chrono Cross on Guitar, and a few other VG songs I improvized.

Oh, and Vincent’s theme from FF7.

Oh, I can also play Star of Tears, but not well. I haven’t practiced it much.

I can play FF8’s Breezy on guitar and I’m trying to play FF7’s The Nightmare Begins.

I can play a little bit of a couple of VG songs on a keyboard.

I used to have the Final Fantasy VI suite for piano, but that music is uber hard to play. I think I still have a couple of the songs lying around somewhere…

On the guitar, I can play the Final Fantasy battle theme, from the first game. And me and my friends always jam to “Ken Stage” from Street Fighter 2. It’s so awesome, we just play the riffs and solo for 10-20 minutes.
Oh and Gilgamesh’s theme too.

I used to know how to play “Julia’s song” from ff8.

wow, monster 20 minute solos are just where it’s proverbially at.

It’s Eyes on Me Devillion. Damnit Dev, you can’t afford to make mistakes like that, if you wanna be a superstar.

I’m learning to play Border Down themes like “Girl of Power” and “Snow Fox” on my keyboard… it’s hard playing it by ear… but I’M progressing bit by bit :smiley: