Playing Shadow of the Colossus

The games looks terrible because of the PS2 pixelization on HD tvs and the controls fucking suck. And holy shit is the camera awful. God DAMN , people complained of NG2 after THIS? Wtf?

The controls are a little weird, but I wouldn’t say they “fucking suck”. The game is more about atmosphere and solving puzzles (which are the colossi), so I hope you at least fight a few (maybe first half) colossi and explore around a lot more before you form a solid opinion on it.

As for graphics, you should know better than to play a PS2 game on an HD television. Most PS2 games would look pretty harsh on a resolution like that I’d imagine.

I just googled it and it looked awesome, WTF?

I’m 3 colossis down and I’m frustrated by my character not doing what I want him to. Like it takes 3-4 jumps to get him to go up a ledge or on the 3rd colossus, I lost more pink energy on the shoulders than going up the entire thing. Its little things. Its probably mostly due to the camera, which I hate. It never stays where I want it to and its often far too closely focused on my character for my liking. I like the puzzle aspect though. I can see how this should’ve been a beautiful game on a normal TV. On HD it really kills a lot of the setting its supposed to create, which is sad.

Yeah those sound like camera issues as well as you not being adjusted to the controls properly. Give it some time and it’ll feel a lot more comfortable. I know when I first tried it I was sucking pretty bad, then when I started it up again recently things were gelling. I’d say it’s an amazing game, but like everything it has its faults. If you can look past those things its quite rewarding (as rewarding as video games can get at least).

And yeah, I have an older television and it looks pretty mysterious, especially with the fog. Makes me want to keep my current television if I ever upgrade to HD.

I think the controls are sort of hit-or-miss, just based on my own limited experience. I played through the game with a friend, and we would alternate taking down every other one of the colossi. However, about halfway through, she had to give it up and just be the brains of the operation (she would usually figure out the puzzles much quicker than me) because she struggled really hard with the controls.

Still, I personally never had a problem with them after I figured them out. I can see why people would dislike the controls - especially with the damned HORSE - but I took to them really easily, I dunno.

I never figured out how to save in this game.

That said, the first time I played it my hands cramped up to the point that they were like claws due to having to hold down the shoulder buttons to grapple and other layout issues that I would remember if I picked up the game again (and that was just against the first colossi too).

The god damned horse… URGH. And yeah, while my hand has yet to cramp up, I was wondering if anyone had had that problem because of R1.

Guiding Argo isn’t that much of a problem once you accept that he’s not Epona, he will not do exactly what you want him to, but will usually go in the direction you ask him to and dodge simple obstacles by himself. I first realized it when I was crossing the bridge towards the 2nd colossus, he would do the simple zig-zagging across the uneven bridge on his own if I just told him to go forward and let him do the rest.