Playhouse days are OVAR!


Yet another sad glimpse into the post-glory days of television legends of old. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Maybe the new movie will get these lovable icons of my youth back off the streets. ;-;

That’s so existential I need to go smoke some gauloise cigarettes.

I used to have a chair like that! Sadly its probably rotting away in a landfill somewhere now 8(

That show was horrible. What kind of mind numbing crap did you guys watch as kids? I watched Eureka’s castle, not some pervert with talking furniture and freak ass green people in cabinets.

Hey, I watched that a couple of months ago on Adult Swim. Btw, it still sucks and it fit right in with the majority of their programming as well.

But yeah I do remember enjoying Eureka’s Castle back then too. Even though the most I can remember about that show was that dragon in the Hawaiian Shirt and the opening theme. I remember watching David the Lawn Gnome more. That the Muppet Babies and You Can’t Say That on TV among the many other shows I watched as well.

Broadly speaking … my parents prevented me from watching TV except rare moments when I was at someone else’s house. Oh, and Ninja Turtles was a farely regular occurance.

That’s just David the Gnome, and I ashamed to admit that I knew that. I grew up on Nick Jr., Ninja Turtles, and game shows that I used to watch with my grandma while she folded laundry…I’m feeling very nostalgic right now.