Planescape: Torment

That Baldur’s Gate thread got me in the mood to replay the old Black Isle jewels and of course the first one had to be this. For the first time I searched for strategy guides and the like only to find that there was practically nothing I didn’t know about it already (Okay, I didn’t know about Adahn), but there are just two things I can’t seem to figure out:

What’s the deal with Fall-from-Grace? Is there any possible way to get any solid info on her besides from the Baatezu-slave backstory she provides just by asking and the implied relation to some “torment” you get from Fell or Ravel? All my dialogue options (With INT/WIS/CHA all at 25 mind you) reach dead ends with her just smiling at me or thanking me for my concern or some such, and it just seems odd that her, among everybody else, has the second least development (Since I don’t count the five-hundred-ways-to-kill-Vhailor as development)

Fell is supposed to have the “Tattoo of the Unbroken Circle” once you go through the entire magecraft teaching quest with Dak’Kon, yet the tattoo is not there even though I’ve already completed the eight circle (Zerthimon’s Focus). The option to look for new combinations is still there even if it yields no results, is there something in particular I haven’t done?