:noway: I liked the shaman king manga and I was happy to hear it was coming to Tv but then I find out it was on fox?!?!.Then it sucked,then one peice.
Please don’t tell me fox is not going to destroy any manga and turn them in to kid shows! :bowser: (I like my anime with blood and bad words)

You know, you don’t have to watch it on TV. You could always buy the DVDs.

…I’m betting your response is along the lines of “I can’t afford that!”

Well, that’s about the only way I can see to fix it. Unless anyone else has any legal suggestions.

I don’t have the money right now and they don’t have them in video store were I come from.I’ll have to bye them online I guess

See? I was right! And look! No edits! Online is where I usually get my anime. I hate waiting for weeks for it to arrive, though.

Good job, you get a cookie. gives Enjoy ^^

Mmm… cookies. :moogle:

Shaman King is a fun series, for which I would have been willing to put up with a crappy English dub, but then Fox went and replaced the opening theme song by Megumi with some crap, stupid Fox.

I also like Shaman King a lot, but I would STRONGLY advice against seeing the dub if you haven’t seen the original first. The way they butt-raped every single character makes Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! look decent.

I almost cried when I heard Ren talk ;_;

It just makes me glad SMJ didn’t get aired. I’d rather watch my DVDs. Honestly, the voices were TERRIBLE! Especially for J to X.

Yup, that’s right, I hate something about SMJ. Scary, no? (It’d be scarier if you all knew just how obsessed I am with it)

I think the last time I watched anime on TV was a good 2 months ago, when I gave up watching Inuyasha because I was missing so much of it. DVDs all the way for me! (I don’t download anime)

I’ll take SE’s advice, of course. I never watch anime anymore without first seeing it in Japanese, and, as I said, I never watch it on TV anymore.

What about Anime network?I will always like the manga better then fox’s beheading of the show.It’s not the that I can’t get the dvd of it,it’s the fact that they turn a really good anime in to a kids show,now it has lost its cool facter and is now lump in with Shuder Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!.:frowning:

Sorry to say this, but I’ve heard that Naruto is it’s next target.

I can only pray that it’s just a rumor…

A lot of Saturday morning anime suck, even the original versions

If you’re complaining about the Shaman King dub…you obviously haven’t seen teh One Piece dub. It makes baby Jesus want to kill himself.

I second that.

:hyperven: :scream: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NO!!! :scream: :hyperven:

I just read the first 100 chapters of Shaman King, and despite the usual cheesey pre-teen shounen cliches (OVVERRSSOOULLL) it’s really quite good. What’s the anime like compared to it.

Don’t look at the tv show save your self

I meant the sub.

The subs quite good.

Am I the only person who thought the anime sucked EVEN BEFORE THE DUB? The manga was good, but…I just hated the show.