Pinky Or Brain?


Pinky, hands down. He almost took over the world.






I do hope you realize that I posted “Narf” to signify that I voted for Pinky, since he always says Narf…

He said all of those other things, also, and i’m pretty sure after looking at the vote that they also voted for him. As for who I voted for:

The same thing we do every night pinky…TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

I don’t remember him ever saying troz o_O

It’s zort backwards.

He said it from time to time.

I’m going to have to vote Pinky if the question is “Who would defeat the other?”. After all, Pinky keeps zort-ing up all of the Brain’s other plans; odds are Brain would come up with some overcomplicated scientific plan to defeat Pinky, it’ll fail, and Pinky wins through sheer luck.

The Mihoshi Syndrome, eh?

And I vote Brain.