Pilotwings for the 3DS? Shit, I'm SOLD!

I repeat: Any DS without GBA = worthless when you can just go get a Lite. No, an internet browser is not impressive or important. You can get those on fucking anything and there’s nothing to do on them.

Construction-wise the DSi is a noticeable step up compared to even the DSLite (more comfortable to hold, better D-pad, less flaky shoulder buttons, clearer, brighter screen, a hinge that’s less prone to breaking, and so on). The trade-off from the GBA backwards compatibility to the DSiWare, Internet browser, and WPA wireless encryption on the other hand was a downgrade.

But then again, I still have my old GBA SP so it’s really not that big of a deal for me either way.

Well not to a store near you unless you happen to live in Japan or are willing to pay out the ass to import both the game and a compatible 3DS.

Heh, I still have an SP too. Those things rule.