So I just changed my avatar and title to a hilarious reference to MS Paint Adventures, when the word “forum” in my title changed to what you can see on the right.

Anyone want to hazard a guess re: what the crap is up with this?

It’s basically not my fault! Ha-ha!

It’s probably some old joke that’s been forgotten about. I’ll try and fix it. Edit: Right. It isn’t an old joke. Forum is one of the words that aren’t allowed in a title by default in VBulletin.

Oh, man, I’d totally forgotten about dark. God, I hated him.

I sometimes i.e. when I view the ridiculously high scores of Pokemon diamond or whatever, wonder whether I’m missing out on something. Then I remember gotta catch them all and I’m not that interest-edit:ed in catching all of 150 or whatever characters that don’t talk and suppress my curiosity.