Pictures of Dorks and a Hot Virgin Babe

On the way home from karaoke tonight, slightly tipsy and looking for fun, we happened to run across the latest religious sensation sweeping the nation: the image of the virgin mary that appears in a stain on a Chicago freeway underpass. For those of you unfamiliar with what I am talking about, go here:

Given that it was around midnight, only a few people were standing around admiring it, and they were most likely as drunk and blasphemous as we were. During the day, crowds of over a hundred have been known to gather here. So what do we decide to do? Why, of course, take pictures of ourselves doing retarded things in front of it! Here are a few of the results:

A shot of the miracle by itself:

That’s me. Sup ladies :cool: I’m a DJ!

He only wishes he was a DJ. He also stole my fucking sunglasses

He wears that hat because he’s balding, and he’s only 20. Poor guy. But he has a huge wang so I don’t feel sorry in the least.

Oh shit girl what do I say

And that’s it. Our final conclusion was that the stain resembled more closely a big penis with a gaping vagina protruding from the base. I quipped that maybe that’s how she was able to give birth as a “virgin”. Also, if I were the Virgin Mary and some douche bag started comparing my infinitely beautiful holiness to some piss stain under a highway, you could bet I’d be doing everything i could to get that guy into the fiery depths. But I’m no virgin, and I’m certainly no woman, and I’m most definitely not holy, so I guess I wouldn’t understand.

And you know this how?

Hahaha, Zepp, I only wish you shared my love.

Dude, Mary isn’t a virgin. She cheated on Joseph, and just said “Oh, um, God stopped by and said he impregnated me.”

What posers. Techno freaks \m/ing. >0
I share your view on that stain looking like a new version of a pussydick. or something. It’s the first thing I’d say if someone asked me. o_0

Virgin found

I read about this, I think a week ago, and from the angle that I saw, it looked like the great gaping void known as the vagina.

I think people are way too quick to jump. But whatever.

Out of every million roadpass stains, how many could be interpreted as a human in a robe? This stain could just as well be Gandalf with his hood up as Mary.

IT looks more like a dildo to me.

At least now we know for sure God is male.

You know what it looks like to me? A God damn spot on the wall.

I know what the stain on the wall is- It is a subtle ad for a guy who used to be on ebay called “Stainman”-Stainman claimed to have some solution he invented that removed gum stains from old valuable baseball cards- I am sure the Stainman is putting huge stains like that on walls in freeway underpasses to advertise he can “remove stains that big on walls so just think what i can do with tiny stains on old valuable baseball cards”.

Shes that hot, and still a virgin? Come on man, i’m dissappointed, i thought you’d be in on that by now. =(

I think he means Mary, not the chick he took a pic of.

you missed it

I fucking love you, Shin.


It’s even funnier, because Ramza thinks he knows what he’s laughing at.

A bunch of naked 90 year olds? That’s pretty funny to me. But also disgusting.

Edit: I saw it before you saw it bitchtit! Now go back to the old Steve

He actually caught it!
I have respect for you now :stuck_out_tongue:

<!-- Actually. I don’t :smiley: -->