Picture Size Restrictions?

Yeah, I know I’m taking too long…anyways, is it possible that pictures would be too big? In my shrine, I’m actually trying to map out every area. This is…one result…:

Compared to the rest of my maps…it’s like…5x larger: http://tartarus.rpgclassics.com/~mmbn4/toyrobocomps.shtml

Anything I should or should not do?


You can certainly shrink it down a good chunk without real loss of information, and I’d recommend that. There isn’t a hard and fast limit on sizes, but once you’re past 800x600 you should really be thinking about either splitting it up or shrinking it somehow while keeping it readable.
Having said that, the image looks pretty cool. :sunglasses:

The problem with a map of that size is that you have to constantly scroll around to see the info you want. Other than that, that map is friggin’ awesome!

You should shrink it, yes, but you could always include the full sized version as a link. That way everyone will be happy.

What would you guys use to shrink it without having it all…botched up?

I generally use Microsoft Photo Editor (it comes with MS Office). You can also try GIMP for a freeware image editing tool, but I had some problems installing it, so no guarantees.

Irfanview or the GIMP.