Picture linking

Testy testy test.

<img src=“http://free.inkfrog.com/pix/AzraelHayes/fanarttitle.gif” width=397 height=299>

How do I make this picture be in the centre of my sig and link to a website?

<div align=“center”><a href=“http://www.rpgclassics.com”><img src=“http://free.inkfrog.com/pix/AzraelHayes/fanarttitle.gif”></a></div>

<div align=“center”><a href=“http://www.dominic-deegan.com”><img src=“http://free.inkfrog.com/pix/AzraelHayes/fanarttitle.gif”></a></div>


TD, you rock.

<div align=“center”>Dominic Deegan: Where a dude with a pipe, an orc with serious black magic, an (un)cripple with white magic, and a (not so)ninja feline save the world, just in time for Dom to meet some really stupid people and give them cynical advice.</div>

Test. Test. Your testin’ ma love for youuuuuuuu!!! /simpsons reference.