Pianist plays Mario

Really cool to watch too, but dayum…If I played the piano I’d consider myself wtfpwned.

Edit: Link fixed.

Cool, a broken link page.

Old, but cool. I wonder what other videogame pieces he’s learned?

VERY nifty. Espciealy that last bit…NO-ONE should be able to move that fast.


Mind- numbingly Awesome.

Interesting, I heard about this a few days ago.

I listened to this when someone else posted it at another forum I go to a month or so ago, but nonetheless, it’s still really good.

Wow! That was really cool.

::dekar!:: Holy crap!

I’ve learned to play most of those, heh :stuck_out_tongue:

how cool

Now THIS was just plain AWESOME.

Wow…and by ear, nonetheless. Very impressive! ^^

It’s a-me, Mario! Classic!!1

Mario P.
Nutter’s Mate!

i consider myself pwnt by liszt, beethoven, chopin and a horde of others before i am pwnt by this elusive chinaman.