Phoenix Wright 5 announced, now with less terrible beanie hats.

Phoenix Wight is back. As in, Phoenix is back, he’s not a hobo anymore and there’s no Apollo in sight. Whee.

Now to wait half a decade for this to get translated.

And there was much rejoicement.

Did he? Did he invest in a waist coat and pocket watch combo!? 0_o

Let’s hope they localise the damn thing. And for the love of god can someone with money to spare buy Capcom and make them translate Investigations 2? The first game was great (and I only got stuck once, so that made me feel very Edgey-poo-like).

Here’s a famitsu pic (pay no attention to the crap on the bottom).

Ew, it’s in 3D! Why did they have to go and do that?

You know what this thread needs?

A trailer.

I just came in to post that. If they localise it, I’m considering to get a 3DS.

Good news everyone!

You don’t have to wait half a decade for the localization.


Also there’s a sequel of Zelda: ALTTP. I think that’s worth bit of cash to me.

I’d say that it’d deserve its own thread but the lack of activity suggests otherwise.

If I’d waited a bit I could have had post #4500 be about ALTTP. I wonder if the sequel will be good enough to bear the name.

I hope so. Outside of the DS games, its been since 4SA since Nintendo last did a 2D Zelda game, or LA if you discount the gimmicks since the Oracle games and MC were done in conjunction with Capcom.

Besides, this is pretty much the first direct sequel to one of the games since Zelda 2. I’m kinda interested to see where they take this.

Yes can’t wait for it to come quick.