Phantom Brave Character Names

There are several things about RPGs that I am extremely anal about. The names of characters is one thing. Most of the time I just use the story names if given the option. However, if I have make the name myself I have to make it to fit the class of the character or at least make the name of the character one that looks like that character. Here are some example of my current characters in Phantom Brave:

Blacksmith: Watts (Secret of Mana)
Dungeon Monk: Gong (Shining Force)
Fighter: Bartz (Final Fantasy V)
Fusionist: Rydia (Final Fantasy IV)
Healer: Rosah (Final Fantasy IV)
Mystic: Seymour (Final Fantasy X)
Soldier: Vicks (Final Fantasy series)
Valkyrie: Freya (Final Fantsy IX)
Witch: Lulu (Final Fantasy X)

Now, for the reason for this thread. I am having trouble coming up with some names for the following classes:

Archer (female)
Merchant (female)
Titlist (male) [think Mediator from Final Fantasy Tactics)

Any suggestions for names would be greatly appreciated. In your responses please give a name for a character and what game it is from. Thanks in advance.

I almost always name archers as “Artea” as the elf in Lufia I & II. Artea was actually a swordsman, but he did have a bow (He gives it to you in Lufia I) and as for the sex, while he is certainly a guy… well, he’s… you know, an elf.

Titlist: Klarth, as the summoner from Tales of Phantasia. He does a lot of diplomacy and he certainly looks like the type.

Ooh, I forgot about Klarth. He kinda looks like the titlist too. Thanks SE!

As for female archers, my old standby is Diana (Roman godess of the hunt), but I’d like to think of an actual video game character if I can.

Just a note, please keep suggestions limited to video game characters, they don’t specifically have to be RPGs. I don’t watch a lot of anime so don’t give me anime character names please…

Amazon : Derenst or Lanst-it should probably end in “nst”
Archer (female): Sheila or Tonya-“ya”
Granny:like an old person? If so: Madam Goslavich
Merchant (female): Elyn or Sharon-“on” or “en”

Would you please explain where you are getting these names from, I’ve never heard of any of them.

Yes, the Granny class is an old woman.

I just remembered: Jaheira, a half-elf female druid from Baldur’s Gate I & II. I had her using bows all the time.

Archer: Lyndis(Fire Emblem, is a lord, but can use bows upon class change)
Amazon: Christie(Montero from Tekken 4, because she is an Amazon chick)
Granny: Cackletta(Mario/Luigi Superstar Saga)
Merchant: Torneko…Shit, it’s a female. then…?

Amazon: Wasn’t Lise the Amazon in SD3?

Archer (female) : …Nope, nothing there. I’d suggest Opera, but laser cannons != bows. If you’re going with just video game references, Artemis (Greek moon/hunt goddess, referenced in several bows) would work.

Granny: Nothing here, either.

Merchant (female): Tifa?

Titlist (male) [think Mediator from Final Fantasy Tactics] : I second the request of Klarth. Or third.

Amazon- Lise or Riese or however you translate the SD3 name
Archer- Charlone (aka Charlo) from Growlanser 2
Granny- Elinee the witch from Secret of Mana who turns out to be a nice old lady
Merchant- I don’t know off-hand,but there must be someone from a SaGa who fits the part
Titlist- No freuking clue off the top of my head

Gah, can’t believe I forgot this one.

Granny: Matoya (FFI)

Thanks a lot for the suggestions guys!

Matoya (Granny) is a keeper.
Lise (Amazon) is a keeper.

I’ll probably use Diana (female archer).

Just out of curiosity, how is Tifa a merchant? I’m assuming you mean Final Fantasy VII Tifa, right?

Just a recap: The only name I need now is for the female merchant. Keep your suggestions coming.

Again, thanks a lot for all the help. I really appreciate it.

What about Taloon’s wife from Dragon Warrior IV? I can’t remember her name, but she was the one who actually ran the store, and then later, the vault.

Amazon : Derenst or Lanst- both from Legend of Dragoon, but there’s more like knights than amazons
Sheila- Legend of Dragoon
Madam Goslavich - Legend of Dragoon
Elyn or Sharon- Legend of Dragoon
If you can’t tell, I’m replaying Legend of Dragoon

She own’s Tifa’s Seventh Heaven. A bar.

Hey, if you still don’t have anything…perhaps Tia? She ran the weapon shop in Lufia 2.

How coincidental is it that I just realized that when I began playing Lufia 2 yesterday? Talk about deja vu. Thanks GG!