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With Phantasy Star 2 having just arrived on the Virtual Console, I’ve been thinking about buying the Phantasy Star games. The problem is, I think I’ll like the story, but not the battle system. Possible solution: Buy the games and if I like the storyline and hate the battle system, watch online videos of the storyline. Anyway, does anyone have any links to Phantasy Star videos? I haven’t had much luck with my youtube searching.

Also, what is everyone’s view on the Phantasy Star games’ storylines?

Well, the first two are… tough. They’re extremely oldschool and only the second one has a real story as opposed to “Hey lady in pink, go save the world!”. The whole thing really shines in the fourth game, which is a GIGANTIC step forward in every sense and serves to wrap up all the rest. To be honest, you could simply play PS4 and get everything with only a passing knowledge of the other two games.

You might notice I skipped PSIII. This was intentional. For the love of all that’s holy and gracious, stay the everloving hell away from III. It’s way up there with 7th Saga in the list of games I can’t fucking understand why the hell I played.

A lot of what I would say has either been covered by SE here or by the guys at who wrote an article on the series. It even comes with it’s own podcast too…

If it’s videos that you’re looking for in particular try YouTube and type Phantasy Star Videos you should be able to get the results you’re looking for.

As for my own opinion about the games they were really good back when they first came out, but your own mileage will largely depend on your ability to play hardcore old school RPGs (the fourth one isn’t so bad compared to the first two). Just to give you an idea on how hardcore they are before playing PS2 the last time I had to draw a map of a dungeon was during my playthrough of King’s Quest VI and between those two instances along with both the original and the third Zelda games were the only times I ever needed to draw a map by hand for a game.

As for my opinion of PSIII as a Phantasy Star game it fails, but as a Mega System JRPG it’s alright with a couple of (at the time) interesting tricks. Or in other words if it weren’t for the generational storyline plus one or two of the music tracks (particularly the opening one) the game would’ve been a big fail.

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…the second one has a real story as opposed to “Hey lady in pink, go save the world!”.

Not true. PS’s story was far more complicated than that. It was really “Hey sister in pink, go avenge me and save the worlds from that Darth Vader wannabe! Plus go recruit some guy. Oh and here’s my really crappy sword too! Urkk!..”. See complicated.

PS4 Was the best of the series. It was also the easiest and least hardcore. Up until the first time you fight [STRIKE]recurring enemy in all games even online[/STRIKE] Dark Force/Dark Falz/Dark Phallus, you can easily get by without grinding levels. It had the Ninja Gaiden(NES)-style anime cutscenes that brought a lot of life to the story and it had the best looking graphics of any game on the Genesis/Mega Drive. The Soundtrack was overall very well done as well. I loved the game, and I am saddened that it, much like Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, FF2, Dragon Warrior 1-4, Destiny of an Emperor and many others were stolen from me in my teen years…

PS3 was very difficult. It DID have a very different story with 4 different endings (I think, or was it 8 different endings?) because the story went through 3 generations. The difficulty curve of the game was on-par with the other two games but you could really feel the difference. The animations in battle were not as well-done as PS2 and the art-style of the overhead views was more similar to 7th Saga with your characters being somewhat wide-bodied rather than the tall-thin characters of the other games. The game’s story fluctuates greatly depending on the people you hook your main character up with. The game takes place at the exact same time as PS4 as they are both 1000 years after PS2. Dark Force follows the survivors in PS3 that took to space when Palmaris blew up after the PS2 team destroyed Mother Brain (Hm… you also have the flee the planet after killing Mother Brain in Metroid too… don’t you?) and also staying behind in the Algo system. It’s more of a prevailant, Chtulu-like entity that lurks ever in the background of everything than a creature that can truly be destroyed. Also, there is a little easter egg at the begining where you can sell your shoes to buy a Telepipe, if you use it while you’re imprisoned the king will break the fourth wall and ask you to reset the game.

PS2 is the logical successor to PS1. It takes place 1000 years after PS1 and you see the final battle of the first game in the opening cutscene of the game. This game is VERY hard as it takes a LOT of grinding to get to where you can survive against later enemies. Just having the best equipment isn’t enough. This game was the one that cemented the series departure from first-person dungeons to overhead views. The planets Motavia and Dezoris have been terraformed into more habitable worlds by the computer Mother Brain. Suddenly, the creatures created by Mother brain grow more aggressive, rather than docile, and the worlds seem to experience more natural disasters and weather oddities. The main character who appearantly is a descendant of the hero from the first game, but you don’t really get his last name pointed out until later, or if at all… I haven’t beaten this game in so long and his partner Nei (a Numan, [no not THAT Numan](
The RPGClassics Agora - Reply to Topic" but a sub-race of human created for mysterious purposes) try to determine what is causing the abnormalities. This game was different from the others in that you could go to our house and pick up/drop off any spare party members you wanted to.

PS1 is the game that started it all. You are Alis, your brother has been killed by a Tyranical leader and asks you to avenge him. Yes, the premise is simple, but it sets the tone for the entire series to follow. You are joined by an Arnold Schwartzeneggar lookalike that is great with big weapons, a talking cat from outer space and a wise sage whom is semi-immortal. Most of these chracters make returns in later games. This game was also, like the other two to follow, very difficult and placed a large emphasis on the grind. This game is more like a traditional CRPG when it game to dungeon crawling, as it placed everything in the first person perspective much like Wizardry and Might and Magic.

The overall theme of the series as a whole is the eternal struggle between good and evil.

I’d have to say from best to worst the games go: 4, 2, 1, 3. But they’re all good if you can get past the grind.

Uh, actually, Palma gets blown up midway through the game, so it happens before you smash Mother Brain. (Connections with Chrono Trigger remain unestablished.) That said, you’d think people would learn by now not trust a big, all-powerful supercomputer called “Mother Brain” …

I didn’t find PS1 to be that hard, battle-wise. The only thing that makes it tough is the mazes, which for some reason didn’t bother me - and I’m normally not a big fan of mazes in games. It does require some leveling, but all in all I found it to be extremely well-balanced for an old-school RPG.

PS2 on the other hand is truly a grind-fest, but the setting is pretty fun, and the music is nice. It’s very rewarding if you can keep from losing your cool in the face of the brutal cheapness of it all. Not that I managed to keep my cool. When I beat it, I shouted out, “Fuck yeah, fuck this game!” and then spat on the ROM. I mean legally purchased cartridge.

If you’re really interested in the story of the games, you can always just cheat. The first 3 games aren’t really that story-intensive - when they do reveal plot points, they are usually in large chunks in set places. This makes cheating very convenient. All you have to do is know where the plot points are (read a walkthrough), and cheat your way to those points.

PS4 is a different animal entirely. It’s dripping with story at every turn, but that’s what makes it so good. And as said before, it’s a lot easier. No need to cheat with this one.

You are a master of cool, Kero.

Liking Phantasy Star games makes me cool? All right then. :stuck_out_tongue:

tips hat to Rigmarole for his equal coolness

I liked your second paragraph :wink: I never beat a Phantasy Star as I first played them (1 & 2) when I was out of the grinding mindset

As an interesting side note, back around the time when the Sega Ages Remake of PS1 came out there was an actual ad for it in a flyer for a local Shopko which after looking around for about a month I realized that it wasn’t coming out. There are three things from that experience that I’ve picked up since then a)Sega hates us, b)Never trust release dates, c)That PS3 doesn’t have to suck if it could be remade (really remade by which I mean ‘to the point of being almost completely unrecognizable even if you put screenshots of the exact same moment within both games right next to each other’ remade or in simpler terms from ass to awesome).

The only Phantasy Star game I played and was truly invested in was PS4. Now that game knew how to pace a story. I liked the setting and I really enjoyed the characters.

In my opinion it had one of the best villians. Zeo was way ahead of the whole emo, world-hating Sephiroth’s if you ask me and a lot more defined than some of them. Fighting him was actually a challenge. That doesn’t happen to often these days.

EDIT: It’s not like it’s a secret that he’s a villian, no reason to spoiler tag it.