Phantasy Star Question

Were there mags in any of the four old PS games, or was that something they just added for PSO to make interesting? I’m just curious…


As in, “Yes, they just added it to PSO.”

mags as in magazines as in like the weapons magazines in Final Fantasy VIII? Or what?

Well, the older ones had various guns and firearms in them. (such as LASR GUN)

Uh, no, in PSO, Mags are these little things that hover around you like Navi, I dunno what they’re for since I haven’t played PSO.

Oh, I see, I thought he meant the general type of Mag.

I think they’re storage units.

<img src=“”> Mags increase your stats according to what useless crap you feed them, and they are also your limit breaks. Sorta. If you get damaged enough, your mag can unleash some bigass attack of your own choosing. Otherwise they just float there, though.