Phantasy Star IV - Combination Spells

Is there any particular reason why some combos (like Tri-Blaster) will sometimes work, then sometimes won’t? It’s really irritating when I’m travelling through Wreckage and instead of getting away from Whistles scot-free, I get blasted and Hahn dies.

The problem is that Combo Attacks can be interrupted if there is any attack in between the two or more actions that constitute the Combo Attack. You can’t really prevent that, but you can minimise the chances of it happening.

First of all, you’ll want to use a Macro to ensure that your characters will always act in the right order to pull off a combo. Otherwise, if Alys, Chaz and Hahn try to do a Tri-Blaster, but Rika decides to attack somewhere in between any of their actions, the Combo will fail. However, if an enemy decides to attack in between any of their actions, it will also fail. For the least chance of that happening, if the Combo you’re trying to do doesn’t have a fixed order, make sure you have the slowest character involved in the Combo initiate it, by letting him/her take the first action. Then there’s a much larger chance of the faster characters getting their action right after.

I tried putting Hahn as first in the macros and my combos are working a lot better. Thanks a lot. :smiley: