Take the test, and let me know how… personality-y you are.

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My personalDNA Report</a>

It says I’m not open, but I’m willing to post my results in a forum. :stuck_out_tongue: This is pretty fun, in the pants.

My results say I’m a Considerate Analyst. Which is about right. :slight_smile:

Benevolent Inventor

Overall, it is pretty correct. Some details here and there that I don’t agree with but with tests like these you don’t get much closer than that.

Benevolent Thinker.

Generous Leader.

This seems pretty accurate, but then again, it’s based on what I say and I could always be lying to myself.

Can you spare a dime?

<a href=“”>Considerate Leader</a>

Note that this reflects my real life personality, and not my online personality, which would be more along the lines of Arrogant Douchebag.

Arrogant Douchebag with a heart of gold.

Attentive Experiencer

I’m pretty sure that alot of these answers could shift pretty much day-to-day.

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Advocating Creator</a>
I think I may have lied about my answers. It doesn’t seem to fit me that well. Or I do not know myself all that well.

Advocating Creator

I’d say that fits me quite well actually. Even what it says about my “faults”.

Generous Creator.

Advocating Leader…

I scored very low on trusting others(not surprising), femininity, and agency. High on earthiness and masculinity, and middle of the road on most other things

Did they take the site down or something? None of your links work, nor does typing in “

Yep, a 503 means they used to have a website, but it was defeated

I don’t know what you guys are talking about. It works fine!

Yeah. It’s working for me, too.

works for me as well.

Considerate Visionary