Personal best...

Well, almost, anyway

Personal best is actually six seconds faster than that but this is the closest I’ve come since reformatting. :slight_smile: F’ing over the moon about this record!


Holy crap! Ninety seconds was my record on the Intermediate level!

:toast: Bows to minesweeping prowess and takes a drink

I consider myself extremely good at minesweeper, and my best expert time is still only 141. I am thoroughly impressed.


(what, you expecting a crowning ceremony too?)

Good for you. :biggrin:

My approach to Minesweeper was to either (a) lose pathetically, or (b) set it to maximum size and minimum number of mines.

Very niice, we used to have a Wall of Fame at the back of my HS programming class, where we posted our best scores at Minesweeper, Mavis Teaches Typing, and Tetris, at least once. I don’t think our Expert scores ever got below 200, though. You must be a real beast.

Man, we had a tetris freak in there, too. He usually <i>started</i> playing at level 14. I still twitch when I think of it.

I do that too, it’s great for boosting confidence.

Nicely played, Neb. I have no idea what my personal best is on expert level, since I only very rarely play it.

Holy crap, I can’t even beat beginner 0_O

Holy. Mother. Of. Fuck.

You are truly the best gamer. I prostrate myself before you.

I can’t even get a fourth off of it in beginner…-_-

Now, get a life!

Damn, I was the Minesweeper machine with my score of 102. I’m impressed.

my best is 123…i am astonished.

I played that once, I got pissed off and quit… I havent played it for 4 years… I should try it again.

tries it




My approach to minesweeper is the same as Yar’s and Dude’s.

Jeez dude…you rock. I love you.