Persona ~Trinity Soul~

I heard of the existence of this through 'kipedia. It is, apparently, an anime based off of Persona 3, set ten-some years after the conclusion of the game. As I have, in recent times, become a big fan of Persona 3, this is, as the cool kids are saying these days, “relevant to my interests”.

Has anybody here seen it? Is it any good?

Impressions from the forums have been very poor (one user giving it the Tsukihime treatment) though I have not watched it myself due to said response.

To tell you the truth, I haven’t seen it but a friend of mine did and he told me that it is a very,VERY boring anime and that the manga is slightly better but not by much and has very little to do with the game.

It’s bad. Like, .hack//Roots bad. Seriously.

It has next to nothing to do with the games, blatantly shits on much of P3’s mechanics, and the cast is insufferably generic and uninteresting. And it completely lacks the “woah, this is fucked up” atmosphere of MegaTen games.

Akihiko shows up eventually to remind people that this had something to do with the game, but promptly becomes a background character and does nothing, ever.

Thank you. Truly, you have saved me a lot of time I can now use to…well, probably watch other anime and such.

…I bet a MegaTen anime done right would kick all sorts of ass.

Shoji didn’t do the soundtrack.

Interest is invalid.