Persona 3 FES US release announced

About an hour ago Atlus officially announced that FES will be coming out on April 22 with a $30 price tag for the full version with P3 included.

April 22, huh?

I guess The Wallet Ends With You:booster:

Not surprised. I knew that this was coming a while ago. Namely thanks to whomever at Atlus thought it would be a good idea to place above their mysterious countdown timer a silhouette of a persona summoning pose used in P3.

I’ll be adding this to my game get list now.

Fuck yes. An excuse to delay purchase of P3.

Now for the EU confirmation.


Why the heck did I buy that fifty dollar special edition six months ago if they were just going to come out with FES? Not. cool. Atlus. Now I can’t get Fes anyway because I’d just be buying the same game again.

I already have the FES soundtrack. It’s tasty.

And the Reincarnation album.

Persona has one of the most freshest soundtracks I’ve heard in some time.

It has my lessthanthree.

Glad I waited.

Mad that I bought Persona 3 when it first came out.