People who look like geographic territories

You have to turn Nebraska upside-down though. Lincon is around where his nose is.

Sin’s chin is mostly in the City of Buzios.

I nominate this the best thread of the year.

I predict that someone will kill this thread within the first two pages. More than likely the first.

Wow. Sin’s been compared to people AND places now! He really is Everyman!

It sure is hard to be cool when your face is Italy, eh bootface? The people of Milan live in Izulde’s western eyebrow.

What the hell is this? I don’t even see the resemblance in the last one. :expressionless:

BMO, I fucking love you. You make the greatest obsevations, ever. EVER.

There see? Bootface! His nose is kicking Sicilia.



That’s not too big of a resemblance. :expressionless:

Holy shit. I feel sorry for you. I’d hate to live in Setz.

lols are in order

BMO, have my babies.

I bet your chin looks like Florida since you are a dickhead.

I guess you can only enjoy this thread if you have a passion for geography :too bad:

I’m glad you’re all adoring my wonderful face.

Yes. It’s beautiful, really. I should paint it.

<------ ruined thread.

There I said it and it happened.

Better not mess it up.

<img src=“”>

500 hours in mspaint