People living in Sweden are so darn lucky =O

Here’s why.

Hey, you guys deserve it after all this time, enjoy it !! =D

Discuss ? <.<

It’s really surprising they’re starting in Sweden over the USA, but that’s all right, as we’ll have Video Games Live to hold us over until they come back here.

So are they gonna visit more European countries? Can’t really find anything on that.

Oh my god.

Happy to live in Sweden

Oh my freakin’ god.

Bah, hat’s still miles upon miles upon miles away!

Don’t rub it in.

Oh fudge. Looks like I’m gonna have to arrange me a trip to the other side for this one. >:(

As I was saying…

Oh my freaking’ god.

Don’t kill my moment of joy here! :get it?:

Ye GODS. I must go… whimper

Calling BigNutter to thread 25132.

In Stockholm. I knew it.
And that means that unless I suddenly get loads of extra money, I can’t go.
Nothing cool EVER comes even near north sweden. :frowning:

Thats pretty cool actually.

That’s my opinion too. Although, I don’t live there. :hahaha;

And I never will.

At least it’s not Göteborg. =P

If it was in Karlstad, my life would be complete.

But Karlstad sucks, so it’s not here.

Are they now?