People are fake.

A few days ago, this girl at my school died. I didn’t know her, but I’ve come to find out that she ran track and cross country. I personally know the teacher that ran both, he’s my chemistry teacher and a damn cool guy, so after hearing about it I thought about him. Anyway, that’s not the point. The point has something more to do with how people are acting. In general, the death of someone I know doesn’t greatly affect me. We went to the same school, I had heard her name before, but after looking in my yearbook, she didn’t look overly familiar, maybe once or twice in the hallway.

So, I’m talking to some friends of mine, they’re like “Did you hear about katherine evans?” Yes, I did. “Wow, isn’t that sad?” Not really, I never met her. It sucks she’s dead, but whatever. Not a big deal. I go on to see that not only does this person think it’s a big deal, despite never knowing, talking too this person, however it’s suddenly a great tragedy that she’s dead.

Quotation time:

Kristin Miller, a moderate friend of mine: katharine, i wish i hadve known you better than i did. i will always regret that. you are beautiful."

I know Kristin. While she’s mostly pretty enjoyable, fun to look at and hang out with, she isn’t the nicest of people or most thoughtful. To me, this spells a big, fat bullshit ego orgasm. Somebody needed to be stroked.


Laura Johns, a better friend of mine than Kristin: “God bless Katharine Evans”.

Why? Because she’s dead? I’m pretty sure Laura never knew her much either (If I’m wrong, then whatever, but I’m pretty sure I’m right).

What this tells me is that people, when someone dies, are generally full of shit. To me, it just sounds like these people need to make themselves feel better (and knowing those two, I’m pretty sure). As a general advocater that people are full of absolute shit, I rest my case.

It sounds like they’re trying to be nice, in a situation like this. Death is not a thing people take lightly, and the general attitude simply usually goes like that, even if it is an almost complete stranger. If people were full of shit trying to be sympathetic, then I guess people who say “Bless you” when other sneeze are full of shit too.

Comments like that piss me off like you wouldn’t believe. If they don’t give a shit when she was alive, why would they when she’s dead? Oh so take notice when the person is finally out of the picture. I bet half of those people wouldn’t hold true to what they were saying if she were stay alive. Indeed death is a glorious realization. Coulda woulda shoulda. I have no respect for people who makes such comments when someone dies. i’ve seen too many situations like this where I live and that’s not saying much about the people I co exist with.

Death is a touchy subject. When someone dies, most people remember what was broadcasted the most about that person. And usually, unless someone is comparable to Hitler, the broadcast is usually possitive. So therefore, when you die, people temporarily remember you as a positive figure.

Unfortunately, time goes on, and everything is soon forgotten, but the temporary perk of being remembered nicely is good, except for the part about you being dead.

Congrats for noticing Sorc. People are fake in a lot more situations, like, life 8P.

And no one will remember anyone being nice in the end either, esp since they didn’t know the person. A person who said something about someone he or she didn’t know probably won’t remember what he or she said about said person.

What did the girl die of btw?

People die in my school often, and I really don’t care. Not only do I not really know any of them, I don’t WANT to know them, since they’re jerks. yet, from hearing people in my school talk, you’d think they were Jesus reborn, or something.

yeah, people may be jerks, but it’s still sad to see people pass away. maybe it’s because I’m too warm hearted. I don’t know if I’d say something good about a person I didn’t like who died, I’d probably still go to the funeral though. if I knew the person and it was a friend, I’d probably say a lot in their memory. if I didn’t know the person at all, I’d probably just say a couple of words like “may God watch over you” or something along those lines.

then again, it’s just me. I don’t want to impose that I’m fake, but I do have compassion for those who die…

Oh yea, I forgot to mention the crazy thing: She got hit by a tractor trailer while going to a camp in alabama. I happen to know a bunch of people that go to a camp in alabama, specifically the one I work at over the summer, and the one that I attended during my month absence. I’m going to snoop around, but I think she might have been going to my camp. If she was, that’s pretty fucked up. Although if I was there, I wouldnt have had to deal with her age group.

Yeah, well people are like that. Two people I know died at my school last year, and everyone has pictures of them in their folders and lockers now. When I think about it, I’m like, “Damn, I know it’s a small school, but did YOU even talk to her?” And I’m sure most people didn’t.

I know I didn’t feel overly sad, personally. I liked one of them a lot, she was a nice lady, and oddly enough, I probly wouldn’t even like dancing if it wasn’t for her (it’s one of my favorite hobbies now), but I didn’t talk to her a lot. The other one was loud, and obnoxious, and particularly rude to me.

Regardless, people who did and didn’t talk to them, people that liked and disliked them, all changed their act as they died. People just act differently about deaths, and it’s silly. Some people do it cos they think it’s the right way to act, or the right things to say. Others are too afraid to say something that would offend another.

But it doesn’t matter anymore, the next week, no one grieved. It was just a topic for gossip; how they died, what really happened, blablabla…Sickening. I don’t believe I’d act that way about someone I cared about…But whatever.

That’s just how it happens. Some things you can’t fix, they’re not gonna harm you though, so just feign ignorance, or turn a blind eye to it.

People are Fake.

In other news, today the sun rose on the eastern horizon.

Remember: When people talk about others, what they say says as much if not more about themselves, too.

Originally posted by Skankin’ Garbage
Some people do it cos they think it’s the right way to act, or the right things to say.

And its not about hurting, its about idiocy and hypocrisy

I once cared… Then I went to a kind of “Celebration of Life” thing for a friend (older friend, not so much in High School, but he was still a friend) who died and at this “party” I got the feeling that the majority of them just came to mess around in the pool, eat food, steal the beer, and other kinds of dumbass shit that made me relize that there was no point to these public showings. The fact that these people were taking advantage of someone’s death like that completly sickened me, and since then I’ve been completly demoralized when it comes to death. I’ll judge a person from their life, not their death, and as I’ve delt with, most High School deaths are becasue the person was stupid and made a few too many idiotic choices.

Unless I personally know the person, I’ll keep my damn mouth shut and let the others go on with their false remarks to make themselves look and feel better. Let them say what they need, I’d rather I not get involved.

Originally posted by Sinistral
And its not about hurting, its about idiocy and hypocrisy

Not for everyone. You have to accept for every nine people who are doing it to make themselves look good, one person genuinely cares. Probably not those exact numbers- but I think that you are being slightly unfair.

Yeah. People are fake. But some people are genuinely bothered by things like that. I’m not really bothered by death, but I know some people who are.

this convesation is about those 9/10 cc 8P.

And Epic, will you bear my children?

I doubt they’re doing it to make themselves look good in any way, it’s just something that everyone just does out of courtesy. Like those get-well cards signed by almost strangers who got the card plus a pen shoved in front of them.

I’m not going to comment on the sincerity or hypocricy of people, at least not in this post. :ah-ha!:

Like SG said, people often act differently when someone with whom they have a connection, even a tenuous one, dies. I’ve noticed this a lot with younger people like teenagers - it’s a time in one’s life when a lot of people are not cognisant of their own mortality (sort of like ‘old people die, but not people my age, we’re too young to die’). When someone around that group does die, even though they might not be known well to some people, it’s a blow simply because it brings the concept of death closer to home. Sometimes I just think they’re trying to figure out how to deal, which may be sincere or not. It’s a shame that some of the things people say when someone dies aren’t said in life, when they probably should be said.

I think now more people are becoming more aware of mortality thanks to the world being the way it’s becoming now, but still the sort of event you’re describing shakes people a lot as it very well could be their first experience at a more mature age with a death somewhat close to them for whatever reason. Maybe some people here will say “I’m not afraid of dying, it’s going to happen to all of us”, but my opinion is that most people, especially teenagers, probably don’t have that attitude. Dying, when they choose to think about it, might be the one thing that some actually do fear.

Ummm… anybody went to a school where people just have died of old age? o_O

I suddenly am very glad I don’t live in america o_o;

in other words, Vicki is saying people are weak.

People die for various reasons, DT. Some “good” , valid reasons like a car accident, other stupid ones like drug overdoses.

That’s odd Sorc, a few days ago three kids from the high school died in a terrible car accident. I didn’t know them, I had heard there names before, but yeah one of my friends was kind of the same way. I too responded “I don’t really care, I didn’t know them.” Yes my friend thought it was a big deal too…

Originally posted by Sinistral
in other words, Vicki is saying people are weak.

Believe it or not, there is a difference between being weak and having normal capacity for emotions. I agree that most people are weak- but not in this capacity. I think people are more weak as far as willpower is concerned- but that is another story.

I think what Vicki said is wiser than anything anyone else said in this thread, quite frankly. :stuck_out_tongue: