Penis Enlargement spammers gets sued

reads article and rolls eyes

You mean, people are stupid enough to think the stuff worked?

blink, blink

The idea of buying the crap to prove a fraud case is good though. I actually knew the elements needed in a fraud case thanks to my Legal Environments to Business class and it sounds like the guy has a strong case here.

NOTE: Val is way better than a naked lesbian twin!

it would be funny if the guys who bought this penis englargement thingy actually decreased the size of their penis.
which brings me onto a next topic. i went to a blink 182 concert on friday in wembley arena and the first supporting band were very weird the singer pulled his pants down at the crowd. of course i was not expecting it! every one laughed their heads off he had the most tinyest penis ever! thank god i looked away in time though!
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