Pedophiles express dissatisfaction with Amber Alert system

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Actually, this is about the other part of the comic. <a href=“”>Warner Bros will change royalty fees according to the average review score of games</a>. Thoughts? Personally I think there’s going to be a big increase in bribes.

I find it amusing they chose to represent WB with a black guy given the programming the WB Network was famous for about 6 years ago.

That’s unfair. They’re putting their salaries in the hands of elitist reviewing magazine editors who know a good game when they see one, and not in the hands of the underdeveloped masses who buy games based on what movie license it has! >_>

Good thing they’re not leaving it up to Wall Street, which apparently:

wouldn’t know a quality video game if it chased them angrily through a maze full of glowing dots.

I think it’s a step in the right direction, paying less for shit games. I just think they’re going at it the wrong way. Review scores fluctuate a lot, and I definitely think some money can make the scores soar high. I’m not really sure how else they could force designers to make better games with the licenses, besides playing the games themselves and then deciding. Of course, it’d help if said corporations wouldn’t butt into the game design process so much.

Different people have different opinions though.

I’ve seen some unoffical games (appearing less often now) are better than the Offical Games. And some others just the name and little to do with the accotated product and have a rubbish game play.

Big Nutter

all i have to say, is that its a good thing Scott Tobias just reviews movies.


yar, that link is easily one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. thanks.

Why, thank you.