Does anyone know how secure Paypal is? I’ve thought about signing up in the pase, but I’ve heard enough horror stories to drive me away screaming.

I’ve used it, and nothing bad has come of it.

Internet + Money = Bad idea.

But since the internet is becoming one big store, you need to spend money. And paypal is the best way to do it. Its really secure, and though there are a bunch of stories about hacks and such, the money is usually refunded or returned to the victim. And you dont have to worry about someone using your creditcard number without your permission, since the reciever of the money never gets to look at any personal info of yours.

I use it. It’s a good idea. Works like a charm on eBAY, RO etc.

No Dev, it’s the people you pay your money too that you have to watch out for. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use paypal, nothing bad ever happened to me and my credit card. Been using it for months now.

I have a PayPal account, and I only use it for my ebay purchases. I haven’t encountered any issues with using it. Also, PayPal is very up on sending reminders about fraudulent activity and how to avoid it, lol.

it’s pretty secure, and the standard for internet financial traffic.

As far as my experiences with it go, very secure, particularly because actual credit card numbers and such aren’t exchanged between buyers and sellers - it’s all done by email addresses.

I’ve been using paypal for 3 years and they’ve been great.

Even if you run into problems (which I have only once, but it wasn’t a big deal) they have great customer service and they fix it right away. I’ve also been using it for 3ish years, and it’s always worked… it’s been very convenient too.

I’ve got an account… somewhere.
If you want to read something about the negative aspects, inform yourself at or . Haven’t had any negative experiences so far though; I think most of it is… overdone.

I used it many times, for many years, and I never had any problems.