Patching help please

It’s official. I’ve been playing on consoles too long. I can’t freaking remember how the hell to patch the BL rom I wanna replay. I need assistance and I need it now because I want to feed the damned dragons and kill stuff.

You have to use a tool called IPS. I guess by BL you mean Bahamut Lagoon, so here is the SNES version: <a href=“”>linkage</a>

To use it, unzip it somewhere, chdir to that location, and run it with usage “ips.exe rom patch”

If you don’t know dos, do this-

cd [the location]
check and see if this is the correct directory
if it is type
ips.exe [rom] [patch]
press enter

Thanks, though I figured it out w/ SNESTool. It’s just a confusing thing to do.

A really simple ips tool is Lunar IPS if you need one for future usage.