Parasite Eve: EX Game

I have yet to be able to pull this off (on my very first file I got to the Bee before getting stomped into the dirt) so I figured I’d see if anyone had some recomendations as to how strong my weapon and armor should be to do this. I gave myself a small advantage on this particular run by using a 'shark to start me with the super tool kit, so that I can always move stats/ abilities around.

Don’t go to the Chrysler Building when you first start your New Game+. Play through the game again enough to beat the Tyrannosaurus in the Museum. This will give you lots of weapon/armor statistics to add to your weapon/armor of choice.

Also, be sure to collect 300 pieces of junk and give them to Wayne for your super-weapon. Either the handgun or the Rifle is a great choice, but never “Leave it to Wayne”. The weapons he picks himself aren’t as good, and you might end up with nothing.

The best place to collect Junk is the first few floors of the Chrysler Building. But it sounds like you’re already past that point (so enemies won’t reappear there). If you still need to get junk, head to Central Park and fight the crows there. It’s redundant, but well worth it.

Forget the pistol, get the MAG rifle. Get it fully customised, and put the best stuff you can on it. You should definately have Acid, Tranquiliser, Cyanyde, Burst and CommandX2. (Or X3 if you can find it.)
Also, reduce the rate of fire to one. The fewer shots you take on one turn, the more damage. Rely on command X2/3 and Burst to hit multiple targets.

Oh, and I belive the best armor in the game is CR Armor 2. I’d reccomend getting all the “Anti” abbilities for it.

I meant at what point should I stop jacking my stats and just go kill stuff. As for the mag, I prefer to have a p90 machine gun with attack all and rof 10, then just sit back and watch the carnage. Sure, I takes a few plays to get the range up to par, but the amount of extra turns you get, and the amount of time it shortens turns by is well worth it. You just have to have hellacious amount of ammo, which isn’t too hard to get. When I said that I hadn’t done this before, I more meant that I hadn’t done so with out heavy amounts of 'sharking. I was just wondering where my stats should be on a semi-legit file.

No, no, no! Take the Rate of Fire off the gun! That ability is a hindrance! Sure, it sounds good, but all it does is make each shot do less damage. Let’s say you gun did 100 damage normally with 1 bullet. With Rate of Fire X 10, each bullet will do only 10. And it takes longer to fire off 10 bullets, rather than taking one uber-powerful shot.

It actually causes the overall burst to be stronger than a single shot, and on an smg it doesn’t take that long to fire off. an rof 10 seems to roughly halve the damage.