Paranoid about downloading spybot

Heya guys, it might be a silly question but I’m pretty paranoid about downloading things to my baby. However, I’m not feeling too safe without a spyware program and was going to get Spybot since I’ve used that before. (I use avast! against viruses.)

However, searching for spybot on google turns up two pages that look identical, and Now which one should I be using?

The registrant of both pages is the same, so there is no difference. See here.

Thanks Rig :slight_smile: I downloaded it, but… golly, that “SpyBot Search and Destroy: Use it at your own risk!” message on top of the box is not very reassuring XP

The legal counselor of the company probably insisted it was very viktigt to include that. Heh.

Spybot runs into problems if you have Ad-Aware installed on the same machine, in that it may delete backup logs by Ad-aware, and vice versa, when it falsely detects them as spyware on your computer. Other than that, I don’t think there’s much risk posed on your computer and I can think of other cleaning/diagnostic programs that are a lot more hadcore and risky (Hijack This!, for example)

Oh yes, otherwise they might have to end up dealing with a pissed off ombudsman after somebody lost their data rather than succeeded in immunisera it, leaving their files unable to be återställda. :wink:

Cless: That’s good to know. I haven’t downloaded Ad-aware since I’ve been using Firefox (now equipped with Adblock plus for bonus armor points, haha), so that won’t be a problem.

“angra nagra andringar” is probably some kind of homophonic incantation?

It’s basically a very fancy way of saying ‘undo.’

Many incantations are basically a very fancy way of saying ‘undo’ (or ‘DO!DO!DO!’), so I can accept that.

Thanks for the translation.

Haha XD Well, strictly translated it means “regret some/any changes,” with reservation for the lack of the little dots that change the As to wholly different sounds.

As soon as I get Swedish on my pc, I promise to restore the dots to their original glory and redress all their grievances. :wink:

I am certain that they will write odes and have a feast in your honor XD

With special emphasis on the way I type, I hope, as if a thunder come to earth/ the digits pressed with mighty force. Let the dots earn their upkeep.