Paranoia Agent

To the person who recommended this anime to me (I don’t remember who it was):


Thank you.

XD what did you not like it? i saw a few episodes of it and now i’m completely and utterly lost.

I watched the whole thing and I didn’t get any of it. D:

What didn’t you like? I thought it was a masterpiece of abstract story telling, and I loved the uncertanity… hell, just made you ponder it more.

Come to think of it, if I remember… I think I was the one that recommended it.

I like stuff I watch to actually make sense at some point. >_< And the middle six episodes were pretty much entirely unnecessary.

some people arn’t into abstract you’ve gotta consider that.

I’m into abstarct stuff, I love David Lynch movies. But I couldn’t stand Paranoia Agent either. It it was trying too hard to be weird.

Bah. If it’s Satoshi Kon. He’s the master of that kind of stuff. If you want simple easy to understand stuff, maybe you should watch Pokemon.

There’s a very, very large swath of excellent anime between this dreck (which is too abstract) and Pokemon (which is too obtuse).

I do have to say that the first four episodes were pretty promising to me, but they ruined it pretty damn quickly. I don’t like it when they play with my mind and try to confuse me about what’s “real” and what isn’t.

You probably hated Lain, too I take it.

Meh. Watch now and Then, Here and There.

Never watched Lain. I did watch NATHAT, and I liked it a lot more than this (although it’s definitely not my favorite series).


Well now we’re starting to drift off topic, but what are your favorite series?

There must be some kind of a cultural barrier since, once again, I love stuff that you don’t get the first time you watching. Yeah it was weird, but it didn’t entertain me.

Watch Gaogaigar, and thank Pierson, NightBlade and I later.

I found it entertaining. It’s not my favorite either, but it was alright.

My favorite by far is Full Metal Alchemist (although it’s not like I’m an anime expert). I have a review up in the RPGClassics Reviews section. Close second is R.O.D. TV.

I don’t mind things which you don’t get first time round, but no matter how many times I watch Paranoia Agent, I am not going to get it. I can tell; it’s not that long. O_o Something like Air, where the last few episodes shed light on the first couple, is more along that road.

I particularly enjoy storylines which have a lot of character development and twists and turns. (FMA does an unbelievable job of both of these). That’s why I tend not to rank “episodic” anime like Ranma or Samurai Champloo among my favorites, though they’re entertaining.

I never saw the whole series, the last episode I saw was the one with the 3 ghosts… but I liked it. It was strange, but I liked it.

I loved Paranoia Agent. It was confusing up until the end, but the last couple of episodes tied things together pretty well for me. I don’t think it’s any more confusing than FLCL or something. (And this is coming from somebody who’s often intimidated and confused by convoluted storylines in books, RPGs and anime). Also, I don’t tend to care much about anime music, but I really liked Paranoia Agent’s. Go figure.

I enjoyed Paranoia Agent. Most of the episodes were entertaining.

Um, you know that many people are very confused by FLCL, right?