Paper Mario TTYD

I’ve noticed that enemy HP gradually goes up, but the damage Mario makes doesn’t really go up in any significant way. you get some extra techs which all require Flower Points and using up all of one’s flower points really quick isn’t advisable. So am I not understanding something about the game’s dynamics or is it really supposed to get tedious and then more tedious as you progress?

There are badges you can equip to increase the power of your attacks, as wella s when your weapons “upgrade”. Like when you get the Super hamemr and Ultra Hammer abilities, Spring Jump/Ultra Jump, etc. I never had a problem killing enemies… except in the Pit of 100 Trials.

Those jumps and hammers cost FP to use no?

Just use the badges that increase damage. That’ll make shit a lot less tedious. Another way to make battles go EVEN faster is to get good at that counter-attack bullshit. I’m not sure what else I did - I remember that the battle system was plain, but it never got really tedious or boring. I don’t remember why or what I did, though.

I’m looking at my badge inventory and I have no counterattack badge and only 1 attack up badge - and it costs 6 fucking badge points -_-

What level should I be on the moon?

THey’re expensive, yes, but combine it with the Spike Shield Badge to protect you from spiked enemies when you jump on them,. and it all goes so much quicker.

“They” ? As in, more than 1?

Also, the counter badge is on floor 100 of the pit of 100 trials. So no.

I have two equipped, and sometimes I’ll throw in the Jumpman badge, too, for a lttle extra boost. There’s a Hammer ability you can get from the Badge shop that lets you pierce enemy defenses with your normal attack, so that’s useful.

When I say counterattack, I’m talking about the timed block you do with the B Button that not only makes it so you take no damage, but it makes them take one point of damage.

Oh, I don’t know who you use as your partner, but if you like killing bosses fast, Goombella is the best option, I’d say. Make sure that Mario and Goombella both have the ‘Charge’ ability, and also that ability that allows them to jump on the enemy several times. Charge that shit up as long as you can, and then rule that shit.

Heh. Mostly I blow as much on Badge Points as I can… not unusual for me to have somewhere along the lines of 50+ by the endgame.

It’s been a while since I played though. Anyways, I tend to focus on one type of attack, get the proper “man” badge, All or Nothing… anything cheap that raises damage. It’s not too hard to do some decent damage, as long as you’re willing to take risks.

That, and I tend to be free with my FP… I primarily use Star Power for FP restoration anyways.

I’d check my old saves to see what badges I have, but my GC is being a royal bitch and is having trouble reading the disc.

Edit: FINALLY! Now, for my badgelist at the endgame: Sleepy Stomp, Soft Stomp, Charge, Charge P, Ice Power, Refund, Super Appeal P, Unsimplifier, Jumpman, P-Up D-Down, Damage Dodge, Power Bounce, Spike Shield, Zap Tap, Power Plus, Power Plus P, Quick Change. 48 BP, all used.

Unsimplifier is excellent once you get the timing of each attack, and if you can pull off Stylish moves regularly, you should have no trouble with Star Power, and as such, FP.

I must be the only person on the face of the planet who played that game and throught it awful.

I got sick of it because I had the same problem Sinistral did; Mario never did any more damage. I got irritated and just stopped playing. Although I did love the Mario and Luigi games for the GBA.