Paper Mario 2 in the works

I’m glad they are making a sequel.
Paper Mario remains one of my favorite N64 games.

Paper Mario was amongst my favourite N64 games. I hope the sequel will live up to the original.

I never did get Paper Mario… I wish I had…

But, I’ll most likely be getting this game. It looks pretty cool.

Buh, hopefully it wont be as bad as ‘mario and luigi superstar saga’.

…Superstar Saga was awesome. Not to mention it was fairly similar to Paper Mario. Ori looking forward to this game!

Paper Mario is actually “Mario Story 2”

What was Mario Story 1? Why, the Super Mario RPG of course!

Japanese names?

You’ve got your facts mixed up a bit.

The Japanese name of Super Mario RPG is (surprise, surprise) Super Mario RPG.

The Japanese name of Paper Mario is “Mario Story”.

Mario Story 2 is Paper Mario 2, which is in development right now.