*pants his creams*

Nintendo will release Metroid Prime 2 Echoes for GameCube in US on November 15

whimper Must get job. Must get game…

I reserved it two months ago. :biggrin:

Oh wow, hopefully they will finally give us some depth to Samus. She has a lot of potential but no character development (except the FEW comics that were released with Nintendo Power).

The gameplay will rock though, it always has.

I think that it will get overshadowed by MGS3 and Halo 2. While I’ll definitely be getting it, it probably won’t be around launch (Halo 2 has that spot reserved). It seems like each console is bringing out the big guns come November. A major release on each system within days of each other. Damn.

I personally didn’t like Prime that much. I guess I’m too much of a fan of the old 2D style.

I know what you are saying. However, I jsut realized that Prime is pretty much the best and onyl way to really turn Metroid into 3d. Once I realized this, Metroid Prime really felt like it was part of the series.

Yeah, I’d agree with Info, I think Metroid made the transition very well, all considering. The core game is still there, but…

Ah well, I’ll shut off the MEtroid fanboy.

Whoa! I’m on the same level as far as this is concerned. Hell, Just that(being the new Metroid:Prime) alone is worth getting a 'Cube.

Metroid: Prime is good, but it isn’t THAT good. It isn’t worth getting a GC solely for that game. Similarly, the sequel will probably be good, but not reason enough to jsut get a GC if you don’t have one.

Even better, Paper Mario 2 is going to be released October 11. Now THERE’S a game that’ll be worth getting a GameCube for.

I love you for thinking the same way about this as me.

Would you happen to know an EU release date? I might con someone into buying that for me around then <_<

The European release date for Paper Mario 2 is November 12, I believe.

I wanna GameCube. ;_;

The game is INCREDIBLY similar to Metroid Prime. I’ve got the Demo Disc, and it just seems to be the same interface, weapons, everything.

ANOTHER game? Argh, I’m running out of money. still needs to find a job

That’s four days before they release Tales of Symphonia in Norway!

god damnit, my money supply is fucked this fall season.

Paper Mario 2, Metroid Prime: Echos, MMX8 and MMX command mission, I think a new Mario party is coming out ( I haven’t got like the last three, so I thought it was about time to get the latest one.), World of Warcraft, and other rpg’s I can’t think of right now. sigh Not to mention the ds and it’s games >.<

Question: Can you look up while moving yet? That was the most retarded thing that they put on Prime. The fact that it doesnt controll like a good console FPS (and that the gamecube controller kinda sucks for that type of game in the first place) made me so mad.