PanamaJack mentioned in EGM

I haven’t tooted my own horn in a while, so I thought I’d bring this up. I submitted a concept to the “Game Design-o-rama” in EGM, and it was published in the September issue. You can check out the full page here. I also made a smaller version of my contribution below.

haha I saw that

holy shit! i was lookin at that! i didnt read the text though. I was trying to read the pic. hahahahaha! cool!

That’s very cool to see. Congratulations!

Now that’s funny,congratulations Panama

I was wondering if that was you. Well…not really, but i did see panama jack and think, “dont i know some guy by that name online?” But it was a very short thought :P.

Congradulations :DD :victoly:

I saw that lol thats cool :D, I actually thought it was pretty funny too :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw that too, didn’t realize it was yours. Nice!

Rockin’ \m/

Thats badass, I had a pic I did of Squall published in the fanart of PSM once, but it was a looong time ago, I dont remember what issue it was like a 2000 or 2001 issue. Hurray for the Custom Hobos!

LOL, that’s pretty original. 8p Congrats.

I don’t even get EGM. But still, that warrants a CONGRATURATION. :smiley:

I used to get EGM…

thats really cool! getting into magazines is pretty hard, you should be proud, but im sure you are already

Yeah I saw that awhile back and I was tempted to make a thread but didn’t. Anyway, congratulations!

Thanks guys. I wasn’t even expecting them to publish it (or at least not this quickly), so it was a bit of a thrill. WOOO!!! I might submit another one in the future, but only if I can think of a good idea.

hehehehe, yeah it was ok, pretty funny, since I have the magazine already,

(oh and im a girl, Why the hell dous everbody think im a guy?)
just in case any of you get an idea… :chupon:, i may be the only girl that suscribes to that crap lol


Because you have a guy (InuYasha) in your avatar.

even tho, why do ppl still seem to think so…cuz i have a guy in my avi?? dam ,now i feel like changing it…but i love inuyasha …awww DAM gender confusing people


Don’t know… I think it’s the way you type. If I change my Avaitar (To Nutty Nat) how many newbie think I’m a Girl?

Big Nutter
I think The Uk Realise Name could be CustomTramp?