P2P sharing programs

This is just my own take on the three file sharing programs that I’ve found: Kazaa, eDonkey, and mIRC.


*Contains more shit than you can believe
*Fairly decent download speed (compared to others)
*Easy to use

*The Participation Level system is a pain. If you don’t share your stuff, you get the end of the line in terms of download speed and queing lines.
*Viruses up the wazoo.


*More files than Kazaa.
*Convenient search system

*Slower than mIRC.
*Frequent disconnects.
*Pain to organize search results sometimes.


*Can find damn near anything humanly imaginable.
*Also works as a chat system.
*No ads.

*Must know where to look first.

Does anyone know of anything else?

A hacked version of Kazaalite keeps your participation level at 1000. I also runs viruscheckers while using it, so I have no problems with it.

I don’t use any of them because I think they cheat the music company way too much. Just buy the damn CD’s people!


User friendly.
Search for music, images, documents (I think), and movies.
Can download from groups of people.
Fairly decent download rate.
Can organize the search results.
Huge amounts of files available.

Originally posted by BahamutXero
I don’t use any of them because I think they cheat the music company way too much. Just buy the damn CD’s people!

I don’t download music. I only download pics, anime, and occasionally a game or two (Kazaa mostly offers trials and shareware).

Yeah, I use WinMX too. It can be pretty slow, but there’s a lot of goodies to be found. And I agree about buying the CDs, but I like to listen to them first so I know if I should buy them. The 30-second previews they have at Amazon are nice and all, but don’t really give a complete picture.

Pics are alright but my friend dowloads like fifty billion (well it just seems that way) shows and never watches them all. I mean, you can do it if you want but he’s way fanatical about it. He knows like almost every frickin series in Japan. Personally all anime looks the same to me. I liked the Record of Lodoss War and Akira but after that they just bored be to death.

My recipe for an anime:

One main character with self doubts, emotional problems etc., one hot totally hyper girl, and one perverted old man. Stir and serve.

Urk, where is this hacked version of Kazaa-Lite?
I must have it.

Yeah, KaZaa Lite is what, 50 000 times better than KaZaa? And Seph, search on google.

WinMX is good except for with hard to find stuff. If you DO find hard-to-find stuff, it’s probly in a large queue. :stuck_out_tongue: I use it and Kazaa.

Here’s a great site that has info on all sorts of filesharing programs: