Overheating USB internet?

Ok , so I’ve had this speedstream USB thingy that allows me to have wireless internet from my room. The past few days, around 10-11, my internet would start crapping out. People who are on my msn list would notice me log on and off repeatedly then dissapear. I’d wake up the next morning, everything’s peachy. Come night time, rinse and repeat. The utility feels warm to the touch. Right now I put it on an icepack. I think the fact my room gets so hot cuz of a lamp might affect it and it is overheating. However, that can’t be the only reason it is overheating because I have always had this lamp and this lamp is usually not on during the day. Furthremore, this didn’t happen when I played DDR which REALLY heated my room. Thoughts?


I have a Linksys USB wireless adapter, and it sometimes goes out for no reason that I can explain, except that it overheats…if I unplug it for a while and let it cool off, it works just fine and dandy. I don’t know if external temp. contributes to it, but if it’s working doubletime, it tends to overheat.

I personally recomend Getting Either a PCI card for a Desk top or a PCIMA card… I know that You can get both.

The PCIMA card still gets hot but seem to cope for 12 hours, more I’ve not tested. It not my Laptop so I haven’t had it on More than a few hours but my mum has spent the day resurching for Uni for a full day.

Big Nutter
I was going to surgest a ISA Card But PCI are a lot better.

Why are you using USB and not PCMCIA (laptop), or PCI?

The only thing i can think of is, go out to your local computer specialty store, pick up a small 20, or 40mm fan. Crack open the device, so that the case is off of it. Build a mount for the fan, or just prop it overtop of the device and turn it on. Some of them run off of a standard PSU, which you probably wont have lying around, so modify the power leads on the fan to connect to a 9v battery. I think they might even sell an adapter to convert the power intake to a battery.

I had the same issue with my USB External Hard Disk (overheating), and just building an erector set mount for a little fan was extremely ghetto, but it dropped the tempature of the Disk to the point where it now runs for 6 hours, without heat issues, compared to the 2 hours i could get out of it before.

But seriously, you should consider getting a PCMCIA wrieless card (im assuming all this thing is, is like an external wireless antenna/reciever?), if it is a laptop, or a PCI card if it is a desktop. It will run cooler, and use less power too.

I’m getting a laptop soon and it’ll have a wireless card. This is the first time (this week) that my internet’s been doing that. I’m glad to see my solution (putting it on an icepack) wasn’t so weird.

Join the club, Sin. I have a wireless router that does the same thing. Maybe try putting whatever’s wireless closer to the connection source.